Missed transactions

Do you have one or more transactions that have not been assigned to your account?


This can have various reasons. In order to find out whether the transaction(s) has/have not actually been wrongly assigned to your account, we ask you to provide the information below, so that we can have the advertiser investigate this for you.

Daisycon's innovative matching technology is precise and has various fallback methods. However, there are several possible reasons why a transaction cannot be assigned to the right publisher. Examples are:

  • Daisycon's conversion pixel was not (correctly) invoked;
  • the consumer has not reached the thank you page;
  • the sale was received via another marketing channel;


Claims without the information below or older than one month can unfortunately not be processed.


We would like to receive:

  • date of the transaction
  • order number from the advertiser;
  • description but it is not mandatory;
  • commission value;
  • order value;
  • date of the click;
  • subid if you use one;
  • enclosed files to share more information about the missed sales;


Once we have received this information via our support tool, we can process the request and we will submit it to the advertiser.


Additional information:

You may not share personal data without the consent of the consumer. Make sure you have consent before you share personal data from a consumer (for example, by adding the contract). Also ensure that you can prove this afterwards. On the information you share, the processor agreements of the publisher (specific: point 3) and the advertiser apply. This also includes the duties of Daisycon.