Privacy & cookies in Affiliate Marketing. What is expected of a publisher?

Starting 2015, the affiliate cookies that Daisycon supplies are officially an exception to the authorization requirement that is established in the dutch Telecommunication act (the 'cookiewet', or 'cookielaw').

This means that, as a publisher, there is no need to ask for permission beforehand, when using Daisycon services. We do, however, advise publishers to inform their visitors. We offer the following standard text. Publishers can add this text to their privacystatement:


This website uses services supplied by Daisycon to allow performance based advertisers. Performance based advertising is an honest form of advertisement, because an advertiser only pays for a measured use. In order to be able to use this service, our partner Daisycon uses so-called "affiliate cookies and matching-data". These cookies enable Daisycon to find a match between a transaction and the use of this website, so Daisycon will know that this website should recieve commission. 

At the registration of this commission, the website will get access to anonymous transaction data. This data is adequatly protected and will be handled according to the privacy guidelines and legislation. This website agreed to such, by accepting the terms of service supplied by Daisycon.

Using affiliate cookies and saving anonymous transactiondata does not pose a threat to the privacy of the visitor of this website. This means that there is no valid reason to ask for official "AVG / GDPR" permission as specified by the dutch Telecommunication act. With regard to dataprocessing within the "AVG / GDPR". We are however asked to inform our visitors about the use of our cookies.