Deeplinking, what is it and how to use it?

A deeplink is a link to a specific page on an advertiser's website. Deeplinks are useful, for example, for publishers who want to focus on specific products or product segments offered in an advertiser's web shop. Deeplinks can help to optimize your website conversions and to show more relevant propositions to your website visitors. This is because the visitor directly arrives at the page he is expecting and does not have to search for it. So it is recommended to use deeplinks.

Please note that the deeplink feature is not available for every campaign. To see which campaigns allow it, you can filter on "Deeplinks" in the campaign overview at the "More filters" option.

You go to "Link material" | "Deeplinks" in the menu. Here you will find the deeplink generator. We recommend automatic detection. You then copy the link from the site and paste it into the deeplink generator as destination URL.

Creating a deeplink

With auto-detect, you can skip step 1.

  1. Select the relevant campaign you want to create a deeplink for. The deeplink field shows the URL ( that the deeplink should come from.
  2. Copy or type the URL you want to link to and paste it into the deeplink generator, which then turns it into an affiliate link (a Daisycon link).
  3. Select the media you want to use the deeplink on. The media ID will then be associated with the deeplink.
  4. From the dropdown menu, choose whether you want the deeplink in URL or HTML code format.
  5. Finally, cut the tracking URL or HTML code from the deeplink generator and paste it on your website, in your email newsletter or other expression.
  6. Recommendation: You also have the option to test generated deep links. Should any errors occur, check the URL you added in step 2 for spelling errors and spaces.
  7. Add Sub ID (What is a Sub ID?). Here you can add something yourself, for example the position of the link, or the product you are linking to. In your toplists (statistics) you can see how often a Sub ID (so this link) has been clicked. You can also see which Sub ID (i.e. via which link) was generated for each transaction. The Sub IDs are displayed as a parameter in your affiliate link.

By default, the deeplink generator is set to URL. Should you find it convenient, you can also retrieve the HTML code directly. The HTML code can be pasted directly into the HTML source code of your website. By default "visit the advertiser" is used as link text. Of course you can change this yourself.

By the way, did you know that Daisycon also has an automatic link replacer? Read here how to use it and what the difference is with the deep link generator.