Smart View from Daisycon

In the regular display of the MyDaisycon statistics you can see exactly when a transaction took place, this is called the transaction date. By default, these statistics are grouped by time unit, namely by hour, week, month, year or specific date. 

Thanks to Daisycon's Smart View, we are taking it one step further. It allows you to trace the transactions back to the click date. With this tool you can see the statistics of when your visitors actually ended up on the advertiser's site to finally make a transaction.

Smart View: practical example

The tracking duration (What does 'tracking duration' stand for?) plays an important role between the display of the transactions in the regular view and the Smart View of the statistics. We will explain this on the basis of a scenario: a visitor to your website clicks on a tracking link on the 26th of August. At that moment, the visitor decides not to proceed with a transaction yet. However, the visitor returns to the advertiser's shop on the 2th of September, to complete a transaction. 

In the regular display of your statistics you will see this transaction on the 2th of September, the date on which the conversion pixel was fired. With Smart View, the statistics are also displayed on the 2th of September, since that is the date of the final click of your visitor.

Using Daisycon's handy Smart View, you can follow the statistics of your transactions in real time and see when you can most effectively promote a campaign. If you see a campaign in the Smart View that consistently converts the best on a Sunday, for example, then you can adapt accordingly to this with the promotion via your media.

What can I do if I have any further questions?

If you have any other questions, please check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) first. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If your question is not listed then you can submit a ticket and contact us.