Traffic notifications, prevent dead links

Avoid missed sales due to dead affiliate links. It is important to know whether the link you have placed is landing properly and whether the link is actually generating clicks and transactions. Our system offers ready-made material but you also have the freedom to create deep links. This way you already know what most of the links from Daisycon look like.


What do you need to keep in mind when placing a link?

  • A correct link always contains your website ID. In the link this is: 'WI=' . You can check your Website ID in your account under the menu: 'Settings' | 'Media'. Every website you have registered has a unique Website ID. In this way you can see in the reports exactly which commission comes from which website.
  • The link always has a value filled in at ' SI=', the advertiser/submerchantID and ' LI=' the LinkID.

  • Check when you click the link that it lands on the correct landing page.
  • Note the duration if applicable so you can adjust the link in time.

  • Through the message center you are kept informed if changes occur. For example, if a campaign is (temporarily) stopped.

Check your traffic notifications

In the publisher environment you will find an overview that indicates when you have been redirected via so-called 'dead links' traffic to an inactive program or to a program for which you have been rejected. You can find this in the menu: 'Message center' | 'Traffic notifications'. A notification is also given when a link is used without for example a LinkID (LI=) and/or SubmerchantID (SI=) in it. This way you avoid missing out on traffic in which you have invested time, effort and resources. So make sure you check this regularly and increase your sales!

There are different types of notifications in the traffic notifications; the "link call notification", "login status notification" and "program status notification". The link call notification is sent when there is an error in the link or in the link construction, or when the material you are using is no longer available. The login status or program status notification is given when you have been rejected for a program or when a program is no longer active.

If an incorrect link is used anyway, Daisycon cannot deduce which advertiser it came from or the link of a program has stopped, the link will come out to an alternative location. In most cases, this is the collection site:

Registered transactions via are automatically allocated to the appropriate publisher via the same script (you receive the commission for this) and can be found in the affiliate programme. That way you still receive a commission for traffic that converts via the dead links!

Check existing links regularly

Remember to regularly check your website to see if your links still work and the pages you link to still exist or if products are still available. Also, campaigns may have a specific duration. If it has expired then it is better to replace the link.