What is the Conversion Tracking Tool?

As soon as you log into the Daisycon system you get an comprehensive statistics of all your transactions. But did you know its even possible to get a transaction notification without having to log in to the system? This way you can easily stay up-to-date with al your results!

What can you set up to stay informed?

With the Conversion Tracking tool you can track transactions. You can select per media in what way you wish to do this:

  • E-mail tracking - trough Daisycon E-mail
    Let our system send you an e-mail upon recieving new or modified transactions.

  • URL tracking - Trough Daisycon Webhooks
    Let our system transmit all your new or modified transactions using an URL.

  • Search engine (Adwords) tracking
    Let our system transmit all your new transactions to Google Adwords.

  • Facebook conversion pixel – Facebook transactions
    Let out system give a notification to your Facebook. This way you can easily measure your Facebook ads. Fill in your Facebook Pixel ID in the settings.

E-mail and URL CTT are often used by cashback and GPT-sites to reward their members when they have bought something through one of their links. Search engine CTT is often used by Keyword Marketeers. Also a lot of publisher think it’s useful and fun to receive a message everytime they get a transaction.

Real-time: API

Last but not least it’s possible to link realtime transactions to your own system. We recommend you to use the Daisycon API for that.

What can I do if I have any further questions?

If you have any other questions, please check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) first. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If your question is not listed then you can submit a ticket and contact us.