VAT: how does it work?

You’ll get paid by us

Are you registered with us as a publisher? Then, regardless of where your business is located, both private and business publishers will receive the payment from our headquarters registered in the Netherlands: Daisycon B.V.

VAT and private publishers

If you are registered with us as a private publisher, you’ll receive an overview per payment. No further VAT specification is indicated in this overview. The amounts in the interface are net amounts that we’ll transfer to you. The responsibility for the tax return of this income, therefore, lies with you.

VAT and business publishers in the Netherlands

We create your credit invoice for each payment. You can find this credit invoice in your account: Settings | Payouts. The credit invoice summarizes your transactions and compensation, but also states the taxable amount (for accounts subject to VAT). This means you no longer have to invoice us. Easy as can be!

VAT and business publishers in the EU

Within the EU, a special guideline concerning VAT applies to our services. Read more about this guideline here. If you’ve added the VAT number to your account, we’ll send you a credit invoice. We don’t specify VAT on the credit invoice. However, the following is stated: “VAT reverse charge”. Under the reverse charge scheme, the VAT is reverse-charged from you to us. This means that we’ll pay the VAT instead of you. You just state the VAT that’s reverse-charged to us in your VAT return, according to the rules of the country in which your business is registered. We’ll include the compensation and VAT that’s reverse-charged to us in our VAT return for the Netherlands. The net receipts for you as a publisher remain the same, only the VAT payment is simplified, simple isn’t it.

VAT and Business publishers outside the EU

Is your company registered outside the EU? Then we’ll send you a credit invoice without VAT, but also without “VAT reverse charged”. The amounts in the system are the net amounts we’ll transfer to you. The Dutch tax authorities will settle our VAT return. As a publisher, you’ll need to check for yourself how the VAT and returns work in your country.

VAT and business accounts without VAT number (VAT obligation)

Are you registered as an entrepreneur but your company doesn’t have a VAT ID? Then you’ll receive payment without VAT specification. In the interface, you’ll see the net amounts (for accounts non-VAT accounts). For business accounts who are liable for VAT, these amounts are excl. VAT. The tax authorities in your country will assess whether or not you’ve got to pay VAT and therefore have a VAT ID.

Still not entirely clear? Take a look at this website of the Dutch tax authorities about when/if you should (not) pay VAT.

Would you like to be registered as an association, foundation, financial institution, or another business account without a VAT obligation? Please contact us via the ticket system, this way we can help you out with the right settings for your account!