What is Daisycon's automatic linkreplacer and how can I use it?

Publishers often use regular links to linkt to an advertiser's website, without it being an affiliate link. This way the traffic can't be monetized and publishers miss out on commission. We've developed a tool which makes this process a whole lot easier. With the automatic linkreplacer plugin you can quickly and automatically transform these regular links, into affiliate links. These are all affiliate links from advertisers within our network. This way you won't miss out on any commission you might deserve.

How does the automatic linkreplacer work?

The automatic linkreplacer is a script that you can implement on your website, as a publisher. The script checks if there are any links on your website from advertisers within the Daisycon network. The links going directly to the advertiser´s website, will be automatically transformed into an affiliate link when approved for a campaign.

You are now entitled to the commissions which the advertiser gives to publishers for promoting their business. Important side note: you need to be approved for the campaign within MyDaisycon, otherwise there will not be a redirect. You can find the approved, disapproved and on-hold campaigns in the menu 'Campaigns' (more filters).

In the MyDaisycon publisher interface, go to ¨Connections¨ | ¨Link replacer¨.


Select your media from the drop down menu. You can add a subID as well. Tip: By adding the subID, you can see which clicks and transactions have been generated by the linkreplacer. After selecting and adding the subID, a script will be generated which needs to be placed on your website.

Where do I place the linkreplacer on my website? 

Place the script above the body-close tag </body>. Place it below the body content of the website, so the linkreplacer will not slow down the loading time of the content of the website.

Does the link replacer affect the loading time of my website?

No. Practically not, the download and processing time of the link replacer in many cases takes less than 2% of the loading time of the entire website and is usually under 10 milliseconds.

What are the advantages of the automatic linkreplacer?

The automatic linkreplacer makes sure you do not miss out on any potential commissions. It is easy to implement, it saves you a lot of time (because you do not have to get the trackinglinks from MyDaisycon) and you also will not miss any advertisers within the Daisycon network. Specific subpage URLs with specific landers will also be automatically generated via deeplinks (if deeplinks are allowed on the campaign of the advertiser).