How does the approval of transactions work?

The aim of performance based marketing is to generate transactions: sales, leads, app-downloads.

When a transaction is set, the status of the transaction is "open". Transactions always have to be verified and approved by the advertiser.

Why does a transaction have the status open?

The short answer: Transparency.
The context: Every transaction will be reviewed whether it is valid, if it effectively took place. Only valid leads and sales will be approved.

Our network stands for high quality. This also means that an advertiser cannot simply reject without specification. Some advertisers, e.g. a webshop, can only validate a transaction when they are sure that the concerning goods are delivered.

Other advertisers can only approve when they have a signed contract. If a consumer does not sign the contract, the advertiser has two options; either reject the transaction (a publisher will not receive any commission) or wait if the contract may still be signed (the publisher must also wait before the transaction will be released for payment).

For what reason(s) will transactions be disapproved?

The rejection of a transaction can happen for various reasons. The most common reasons for rejection:

  • The order (the goods) has/have been returned;
  • The product or service is not paid for;
  • The product or service has been cancelled;
  • Incorrect or false (client) information has been entered.

When does the advertiser approve open transactions?

By default, an advertiser must verify transactions within two months, unless specified differently (this will only be accepted if it is beneficial for the publisher). Daisycon urge advertisers to check transactions as fast as possible. With a faster approval rate, the publisher can improve or generate more traffic for the advertiser. Our advertisers in the Nordics normally approve transactions within 45 days on average.

For example: transactions set in July are normally approved by the advertiser before the beginning of September.

Only approved transactions can be paid

All processed transactions which are valid and approved will be made ready for payment. Thus, when transactions are not approved yet (status "open"), they will move forward until they are approved.

How can you see what is (dis)approved and what amount will be paid?

Every single transaction is visible in the transaction overview (menu: ‘Transactions’ | ‘Overview’). In this overview, select the dates and click: ‘More filters’. Here, you can filter on ‘Transaction status’. When the filter is set you can see every transaction and check the status.

When disapproved, a reason will be displayed. Once again: the verification of transactions is always at the discretion of the advertiser, Daisycon supervises that this is done in a timely and conscientious manner.

It is also possible to select an extra filter and select ‘Payable’. Here you can select the approved transactions which are either payable or not yet payable. Note: The overview can only display one currency. When you promote campaigns with different currencies, you have to create an overview per currency.

In the menu: ‘Financial’ | ‘Balance’ you can check the total amount of transactions not yet payable: status open or not paid for by the advertiser. It is also possible to see upcoming payments. Note: this overview is not realtime. It is updated once every day. In order to check realtime, per transaction, per campaign you need to go to the transaction overview as described above.

When will approved transactions be paid

When a transaction is approved, it depends on your payment plan when payment can be processed. To check our different payment plans click here.

What can I do if I have any further questions?

If you have any other questions, please check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) first. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If your question is not listed then you can submit a ticket and contact us.