How can I always get a faster payout?

Do you want to get paid as soon as possible? Make it happen! Daisycon offers you the chance to get more out of your payment plan: choose our Premium payment plan. The most important advantages for you as a publisher are that you get paid quickly after the transactions have been approved, so you no longer have to wait for the advertiser to pay the invoice to Daisycon. In addition, you carry no risk that an advertiser will be unable to pay an invoice.

The cost for the Premium payment plan is 1.95%.

When do I receive my payment?

The big advantage is that the time between the approval of a transaction generated by you and the moment you receive the payment is on average twice as fast.

Of course, as always, the transaction itself must first be approved by the advertiser. The Premium payment plan means that monthly payments will be made, starting 15 days after the months-end, of the transaction date. This is regardless of whether the advertiser has paid the invoice to Daisycon.

Adjust your payment plan

Depending on the country in which you are based, you have a number of payout options at your disposal. You can change your payment plan after you have logged in as a publisher in "Settings" | "Account".

You can switch between the plans available to you at any time. By default, the payment plan is set to Basic. Please note that when a transaction is generated, the currently selected payment plan applies. If you change your plan, it will not be applied retroactively.

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