What is ads.txt, and how do you utilize it?

Ads.txt is an initiative of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the IAB, the independent trade association for digital advertising and marketing innovation. The purpose of ads.txt is to improve transparency (in particular of programmatic advertising). You can create your ads.txt files to reveal to advertisers who is authorised to sell your advertising space or offer your website for advertising purposes.

As a publisher for both programmatic advertising and affiliate marketing, you are not obliged to use ads.txt, but being transparent is most certainly recommended. The use of this functionality is free for publishers.

An example of how an ads.txt is displayed and how it functions:

You can easily check whether another publisher has implemented ads.txt by pasting the URL "/ads.txt" (for example, "nu.nl/ads.txt"). Nu.nl uses ads.txt so that advertisers who want to buy inventory from specifically Nu.nl are assured that this is indeed inventory of this domain. With ads.txt, Nu.nl can also guarantee that fraudulent parties (such as so-called "domain spoofers") cannot act as sellers of inventory on Nu domains.

Edit your Ads.txt file and add Daisycon as a network:

1) Ensure that the file is available on the primary domain of your website (for example, https://www.example.com/ads.txt).

2) Add the Daisycon advertising network as a partner, on a new line in the ads.txt file. Note: every partner in your file must be on a new line!

3) Use our ads.txt data for this which looks like this:

daisycon.com, 22848, DIRECT

Field 1) The domain name of Daisycon; daisycon.com

Field 2) Your specific Publisher ID (the figure here is an example). You can find your Publisher ID in the menu: ¨Settings¨ | ¨Account¨.

Field 3) The type of relationship between the publisher and Daisycon: DIRECT (“Direct” means that you work with us without an intermediary).

Field 4) Commonly you enter the name of the license holder here. You can leave this field empty because Daisycon is not a license holder of Ads.txt and is also not required to purchase it.

What can I do if I have any further questions?
If you have any other questions, please check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) first. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If your question is not listed then you can submit a ticket and contact us.