Introduction guide: Welcome Nordic Publishers

All Artefact Affiliate / NetBooster publisher accounts have been migrated to Daisycon. A few important steps are required by you. In this FAQ we will tell you more about this.


Welcome to Daisycon Nordics

Recently, Artefact Affiliate / NetBooster has become a part of Daisycon. For those of you who haven’t heard about Daisycon, Daisycon is the leading Affiliate and lead generation network in the Netherlands, with more than 100 employees in several countries. This means that Artefact Affiliate in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland has become Daisycon Nordics.

You can now benefit from more international campaigns, rapid payments and state-of-the-art technological solutions. The local team in Scandinavia will remain your trusted partners.

In this guide you will find the FAQ for this development. This FAQ has three sections:

Step 1: Migration and activation of your account

Affiliate links / Promotion links

You don’t have to change your affiliate/promotion links. The links will be automatically redirected. Statistics generated in the past are not integrated in the interface (see payments text below). In the Daisycon interface you can only see all new clicks and transactions generated from the 1st of March. Statistics from the past are available until the 31st of March in the Artefact Affiliate interface.

Different media types

Daisycon distinguishes different media types. When adding a new media it is mandatory to choose the correct media type. The advertiser will be able to see what type of media his campaign is being promoted by. The media types give the advertisers an insight into the promotional goals of the publishers. You can update/edit your media type in your account. To do this go to: "Settings" | "Media". Daisycon uses 4 categories: Websites, Advertising networks, Email marketing and Social media.

New media and media verification

At Daisycon we continually strive to further improve our service level quality and transparency. We ask our publishers to verify their media, so that there is no doubt about the ownership of the media. This applies to all our publishers, both new and existing.

When you register a new website to the Daisycon network, it will be pending approval by the Daisycon team. You will receive conformation within two working days. Also you must verify ownership of your website.

Verifying your website can be done by adding the Daisycon verification token to your website. When you need to verify multiple media, you can use one token for all your media. This token is unique for every publisher, not for every media. Once verified, the token can be safely removed.

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Step 2: Optimising your account and receiving payments

Approval per campaign

To subscribe to campaigns go to 'Campaigns' in the menu on the left to view all active campaigns. If you click on a campaign name a new window will pop-up. Here you will find all the campaign terms and conditions. In the third tab 'Subscribe' you see all your media that are connected to your account. Just hit the '+ Subscribe' button and you will be automatically subscribed. Some advertisers approve you automatically, but some also want to review who has submitted a request to promote their campaign. When you are approved for a campaign you can download materials from our system. Please always make sure you promote according to the terms and conditions of the campaign.

Approval per transaction

When a transaction is set, the status of the transaction is open. Transactions always have to be verified and approved by the advertiser. The majority of advertisers have to verify the transactions within two months. Normally this will happen within one month. If the transaction has not been approved within the standard period of approval, it will only be accepted if it is beneficial for the publisher. Check campaign descriptions for exceptions. When a transaction is approved it depends on your payment plan when we can pay.


When do publishers receive a payment? Transactions first have to be verified and approved by the advertiser. Daisycon offers several payment options. Depending on which option you choose, you are either paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Please keep in mind that certain options include additional costs such as a prepayment or credit risk. Your account from Artefact Affiliate / NetBooster has a dedicated payment plan (this will be active for a few months). Normally an advertiser has to pay Daisycon first. Afterwards we pay the publisher. In your case Daisycon pays all generated approved revenue on the 15th of each month. For example all approved transactions in the month of March will be paid on the 15th of May. This payment plan is free of charge. It is also possible to receive payments via Paypal after the initial payment on your bank account.

For your first payment, you will receive a notification when you have reached the payment threshold of €70 (€100 outside EU) in your payable balance. The payment threshold is the same as it was in your Artefact Affiliate/NetBooster account. You can change the threshold yourself in your Daisycon account.

In order for our system to automatically verify your payments, you must request your first payment. This is a one-time only request. In the menu: "Settings" | "Balance" you will find your financial overview. Here you can see if any upcoming payments are available and what the status of your non-payable balance is.

Your revenue for January will be shown as one transaction per currency, per publisher. For February, the revenue will be visible before the end of March. This revenue will be paid by Daisycon BV instead of Artefact. For Business publishers registered in EU (except NL): you will receive a reversed charged VAT payment instead of VAT included payment.

Financial information from the Artefact Affiliate / NetBooster dashboard

Old data: you can login to the old Artefact Affiliate / NetBooster dashboard (Hercules) until March 31st. If you need any statistics or financial details, you must obtain these before March 31st. After this date, the dashboard will no longer be available.


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Step 3: Technical opportunities

API connections

By using the Daisycon API you'll be able to access the Daisycon databases. For example extracting your publisher-activities in real-time to use within your own application or database; such as statistics, campaigns, news and coupon codes of the campaigns from advertisers at Daisycon. Be sure to check out the advanced documentation at the Daisycon API developers website.


Using the Daisycon Webhook Notifications, once a transaction has been generated the call/postback will send transaction data to your platform. The postback URL is completely configurable.

Professional widgets and comparison tools

Daisycon offers a variety of widgets and comparison tools. In the near future we will launch widgets for the Nordics. You will be informed when these are available. It is also possible to setup a webhook/postback or connection with Google Adwords. We are integrated with Zapier. Zapier is a platform that links web services to each other. Zapier will trigger other web services depending on events of your choice. 

In this case, the event of a transaction in the Daisycon system would trigger one of the other 650 member services to an action, such as saving the transaction in Google Spreadsheets or a Twitter message.

Smart view

Smart view is a unique innovation only available at Daisycon. Smart view means that you can view the transaction statistics in two ways.

1) by transaction date (default)
2) by date of the click that has generated the transaction (view transactions by click date).

The advantage of seeing transactions as click date ie (smart view) is that you can analyse when you can most effectively promote a campaign.

Email approval tool

If an email publisher is added to the Daisycon network, they can apply for permission to promote an advertiser's campaign. The advertiser ultimately decides if a publisher is allowed to participate in the campaign and under what conditions. Before sending a mailing, the Publisher must submit the preview and additional information to the advertiser for approval (via the email approval tool in the interface). Only after approval, the mailing can be sent by the publisher. Every email marketing publisher has access to the Email Approval tool. You can find it in your account under Tools - Email approval tool - New Emailing request.

Product feed possibilities

A product feed (product data feed) is a file comprised of a list of products and attributes of those products, organised so that each product can be displayed, advertised or compared in a unique way. A product feed typically contains a product identifier, title, price, description, product image(s) and product attributes. Daisycon processes the product feeds of its advertisers every 15 minutes and keeps approximately 10 million unique products up-to-date!

Publishers can choose to retrieve products from the Daisycon database in two different ways: using a standard format or using a specific campaign. When choosing a standard format a publisher can retrieve the products of multiple campaigns in one product feed, for example all advertisers with mobile phones or all campaigns selling books. When choosing a specific campaign publishers can retrieve all products of one campaign. Many of the product feeds contain thousands of products, if you only want a selection of these products you can filter by many different attributes. 


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Step 4: Benefits and possibilities of MyDaisycon

Personalised Dashboard

You can manage your own dashboard(s) and select modules to setup new dashboard(s). For example when you have a specific campaign target you can fill in your target. It is also possible to get statistics per device. You can do this in the interface yourself in the top right corner.


All interesting news regarding updates, promotions, coupon codes and new campaigns will be communicated via our newsletters. We have an international newsletter for which you have automatically been subscribed. It is also possible to receive some specific newsletters, for example when there is a relevant promotion based on a sales period/holiday.


When an advertiser starts a communication, publishers will get a notification in the interface and by e-mail as well. This will be used for specific messages from Daisycon or the Advertiser to the publisher(s), such as campaign stops. An advertiser can also invite publishers to work with them.

Traffic notifications

Prevent missed sales by inactive affiliate links. In the publisher interface you will find an overview (top right, the loudspeaker symbol) that indicates when traffic is forwarded to an inactive program via so-called 'dead links' or to a program for which you have been declined. This prevents you from monetising traffic that you have invested time, effort and resources in. Make sure you check this regularly.

International campaigns

The Daisycon network offers many international possibilities. We have various campaigns available around the world. With one account you can select and promote campaigns for all available countries where you have traffic.

How can I view and select the international campaign offer?

Go to the campaign overview in your account and select "Country" in the filter. In this overview you can find international campaigns in two ways.

1) Campaigns that can be specifically promoted in one specific country. To do this, select the country you desire for example. Denmark.

2) Campaigns that can be promoted in several countries. To do this, select International in the country list. These are usually campaigns with a .com domain and a website that is available in several languages.

Tickets & help

Tickets can be used when you want to contact Daisycon or an advertiser. It's very easy to submit and create a ticket. Once you have logged in, go to the question mark symbol (?) in the top right corner and then "Tickets". Daisycon strives to answer tickets within two working days.


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If you have more questions regarding the migration, you can find answers in our FAQ. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If anything is not clear please contact the Daisycon Nordics team: