As a publisher, what should I do to comply with the GDPR?

Publishers place links from Daisycon on their website. If a visitor clicks through to an advertiser, Daisycon places a so-called 'affiliate cookie' and stores a few details. This allows Daisycon to make a match between the website of the publisher and the possible transaction that is realized with the advertiser.

Data that Daisycon processes for its services has minimal impact on privacy. Data processing is covered by different processor agreements, so that the processing of all data is covered. At Daisycon, we believe that processing data serves a legitimate interest, namely providing performanced based marketing services to publishers and advertisers.

More information about the cookies and processing of data by Daisycon can be found here

Daisycon always requires publishers to be transparent towards visitors and to include Daisycon's services in their privacy statement. A standard text is available for this. You can find it here: The publisher needs also to explicitly informs his visitors about this privacy statement.

Standard processor agreement for publishers

In order to be compliant with the GDPR for all data exchange, a processor agreement is included as standard in our General Publisher Terms and Conditions. This standard processor agreement can be read here:

Sub IDs

If you use sub IDs as a publisher to measure information from your visitors, for example for giving cashback or the performance of your marketing by measuring, then it may be that for these data (if the data can be traced back to the data by the publisher) ) the GDPR is applicable. This data is stored within the Daisycon systems but can only be used / viewed by the relevant publisher and is not shared with third parties.

Read more about using sub IDs and the GDPR here.


Some publishers "Prefill" data on the website of the advertiser. If this concerns personal data, this is also ruled by the GDPR. Read more about Prefilling by publishers and the AVG here.

Issue handling

In some cases it may happen that with regard to quality checks, tests or malfunctioning, personal data of consumers between Publishers and Advertisers, whether or not via Daisycon, will be exchanged. This exchange falls under the standard processor agreements that Daisycon enters into with its publishers and advertisers. The initiating party must at all times ensure sufficient information and permission from the relevant consumer with regard to the transfer of the data.

Daisycon has secure systems available to deal with common processes in a safe and compliant way.