Why is my transaction disapproved?

In our network, we measure more than a million clicks per day, resulting in numerous transactions. All unique transactions must be approved by your advertiser(s). Unfortunately, it also happens that a transaction is disapproved... It’s understandable if you’re disappointed that this has happened to your transaction.

The most common reasons for disapproval:

  • The order has been returned
  • The product/service has not been paid
  • The product/service has been canceled
  • The transaction is duplicated
  • Incorrect data has been submitted

Deviating measuring method

It’s possible that an advertiser uses a measurement method that deviates from standard methods. As a result, we cannot control the measurement and if the transaction is correctly allocated. If this is the case, it’s always stated in the advertiser’s campaign description. This description contains information about how the inspection takes place at the advertiser.
One of the many reasons why it’s important to read the advertiser’s campaign description and its additional conditions carefully!

Transaction overview

If a transaction has been rejected, the concerning reason is stated in the transaction overview. The approval of transactions is always at the discretion of the advertiser, we supervise that the transactions are done timely and accordingly.

Wrongly rejected?

Are you convinced that your transaction has been wrongly disapproved? Don’t hesitate to contact the relevant advertiser. Use a ticket for this via the menu: "Support | button Create ticket". Then select the right advertiser, and please include the following information:

• Transaction ID
• Campaign name
• Transaction date
• Order confirmation (if available)