Why have I been disapproved for a campaign?

My media is not approved by the advertiser

If your media is disapproved for a campaign, you have received a message about it. Always read this carefully and see where you can adjust your media. It is important to ask yourself: if you were in the advertiser's shoes, would you allow your own website?

Make sure to check some basics, for example: is your website accessible, is the URL correct?  Is there a clear description in your media so that the advertiser knows who he/she is going to work with?

On which points do advertisers check your media?

Advertisers can approve a media before it is allowed to be included in the promotional material. Advertisers judge on the following points, among others:

  • Does the media type match the target group?
  • Does the media type meet the advertiser's guidelines (the campaign conditions)?

What can you do 

It should be clear that a good media type will be approved sooner. It is therefore wise to pay a lot of attention to the quality of the media type and then to set it correctly. As a publisher, the media type is your business card. For the advertiser, a good media is more than just an account name. So, as a publisher, make sure you provide a good business card. This will only benefit you.

 Just as a top chef needs a good kitchen to prepare delicious dishes, a publisher needs a media type that benefits every party involved (both publisher, advertiser as well as Daisycon). 

Log in, go to "Settings" | "Media".

Here you can edit your media data. Keep in mind only have your site re-approved if it has been significantly improved.