Why does my payment keep on shifting?

It could be the case that Daisycon only pays you when you request your payments. Your payments seem to continuously shift to the next payment period. This could have several reasons. In all cases, transactions are paid out only after they have been approved by the advertiser.

Check which payment rule applies to you

  • Most common: if you have the basic payout scheme you will have to wait until the advertiser has paid the invoice to Daisycon. Only then can transactions be released for a payout. Also, transactions from the current month are not yet cashable. Read more about the payout schemes here.

Payment interval

  • In the menu "Payment details" which you can find in the menu under "Settings" | "Account" you can check and change the payment interval. Does the payment frequency stands on "payment upon request" (not "automatic payment")? Change it to "automatic payment". The next upcoming payment (confirm your payment terms) will be paid by us automatically. The first payment in your account needs to be requested in the menu "Settings" | "Balance"

First payment

  • Under the menu "Settings" | "Balance" it says "The payment threshold has not yet been reached. You will only be able to receive a payment once the threshold has been reached. Click here to change your payment settings or payment threshold". Once the payment threshold (minimum of €25 (€100 outside EU) has been reached, you will be able request your first payment.

The payment threshold has not been reached

  • The payment threshold has not been reached: you can change the payment threshold from €25 (€100 outside EU) to a maximum of €500.

Payment details are missing

  • Under the menu "Settings" | "Balance" it says "Please fill in the necessary payment details". Click on the button "Add payment details" and fill in your details. Check here if your payment frequency as mentioned above is correct.