What can I earn with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is 'performance-based marketing', based on results -performance- rewards. For the inclusion of affiliate programs and lead campaigns, you receive a fee per transaction (an application, registration or sale, for example). The reimbursements differ per affiliate campaign and per advertiser, the amount of the reimbursement is always indicated in the relevant campaigns. The campaigns can be viewed on Daisycon.com, once you have logged in to MyDaisycon you can view more detailed information.

How much you earn with your campaigns of course depends on your own efforts. Using the extensive statistics in MyDaisycon you can view your results and steer on improving your conversion. A better conversion leads to better earnings. Success doesn't come from what you do to earn the money, but depends on what you do or don't do to achieve it and if what you do is done correctly and consistently. In a market niche with a lot of competition, it is harder to achieve success. It therefore depends on the time, energy and priority you devote as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick/get financially independent method. You usually have to work hard.