My media has been rejected. How can I have my media reviewed again?

It is possible that your media has been rejected. If this is the case, you have received an email with explanation from us. We advise you to read the mail carefully and to apply the points given by us, in order to have your media re-approved. 

Reasons why your media is not (yet) approved:

  • The website is not easily accessible or not secure. Make sure your website is accessible at all times. Is it live? Is it safe and does it have an SSL certificate? When the URL of the website starts with HTTPS://, you know that the website is secured with an SSL certificate.
  • The media has not yet been verified.
  • The media does not meet Daisycon's terms and conditions
  • The media/website does not (yet) look representative enough. Think from the advertiser's point of view: does your media look professional and is it relevant for advertisers?

Adjusting your media

Follow these steps to adjust your media: Log in, go to "Settings" and click "Media".

Here you can edit your media data. If you have changed the URL in the media data, the media will automatically be re-submitted for review. Once you have adjusted your media according to the action points in the previously mentioned mail from us, your media will automatically be re-rated within 2 days.

Attention: Only allow your site to be re-examined if it has been improved significantly.