Rules for e-mail marketing at Daisycon

As a Publisher that promotes advertisers via Daisycon by sending out emails (with Daisycon links directly to an advertiser), you should be well aware about the laws and regulations that apply. Please make sure that you meet all specific requirements for each country that you promote in. You must have received permission from all email recipients to send the concerning emailings. This permission is documented and provable.

Keep in mind that, as a publisher, you can not promote an advertiser directly via email without having completed the additional “email publisher” sign up process. When signing up at Daisycon, you must indicate that you want to promote by email. You can do this by selecting "Email Marketing" as media type. If you have an existing account and want to start with email marketing, please add a new media to your account.

Our preference is explicitly for double opt-in databases. Email list with single or confirmed opt-in are not excluded, but are subject to additional screening.

How does Daisycon verify e-mail publishers?

Every email publisher is required to fill out a questionnaire directly when creating a media with media type email marketing. This questionnaire is linked to your media and is called a questionnaire. The questionnaire is in English and needs to be answered in English. Note: because the questionnaire is linked to a media, it needs to be filled out for each individual media with the media type 'email marketing'. So if you have multiple media for your email files, questionnaires have to be filled out for those media as well, even if it concerns the same database. Important to know: A media will not be rated before the questionnaire is fully completed including an upload of an example mailing. It is therefore important that you complete the questionnaire as clearly as possible and, of course, truthfully. The sooner you can start as an email publisher. The list contains questions about, among other things:

• The structure of the email database and the manner in which consumer consent has been obtained;
• The way consumers can withdraw their permission and opt out of newsletters;
• The format and identity of the newsletter;
• The way in which the publisher promotes his newsletter.

Advertisers have access to this data every time an email publisher subscribe on their campaign. This way advertisers can easily and properly be informed on how the publisher's email base is built up.

If the questions from the general questionnaire are not answered clearly enough, further specific checks will be made with other specific questions.

If the answers do not meet law and/or regulation, then the publisher will not be allowed to access our network. In certain cases, we can request legal counsel to evaluate a publisher's process to make sure that the publisher complies with the rules and guidelines on email marketing.

The publisher must state in writing that the questionnaire has been filled in correctly. We adhere to the rule that we do not cooperate in case of doubt.

Single-confirmed and double opt-in

Below we explain what we mean by single, confirmed and double opt-in.

When a consumer explicitly indicates via a website or other medium that he wishes to sign up to the newsletter of a publisher, we see this as a first permission and we call this single opt-in.

If the publisher sends a confirmation email to the consumer in which he again states that he subscribed to this e-mail list, it is considered a confirmed opt-in.

If the consumer also needs to (re-) confirm this email via a link in the email, the consumer has given a double authorization (double opt-in).


This double opt-in process has our preference.

Unsubscribe and correct content

In addition to the requirement that the email list is properly built, we also make strict demands on the content of the emailing’s and the way consumers can unsubscribe.

To verify this, each email publisher must send an example of a newsletter as he sends it to consumers.

As a part of the quality control, we will also review the consumer's sign-up process for every new email publisher. We will then receive the publisher’s newsletter, giving us an overview of his activities.

Each emailing must clearly state how the consumer can unsubscribe from the newsletter. This opt-out must be easy and free.

The advertiser decides

If an email publisher is admitted to the Daisycon network, they can apply for permission to an advertiser campaign. The advertiser ultimately decides if a publisher is allowed to participate in the campaign and on what conditions.

Before sending a mailing, the Publisher must submit the preview and additional information to the advertiser for approval (via the email approval tool). Only after approval, the mailing can be sent by the publisher. Every email marketing publisher has access to the Email Approval tool. You can find it in your account under "Tools" | "Email approval tool" | "New Emailing request".

Helpful Information and guidelines

More information about email marketing laws and regulations is available on the internet, look for your national rules and regulations. Here are some useful links. Please note that you are responsible for performing the right activities: