Rules for Keyword marketing

Keyword marketing (SEA) is understood to mean the advertising of products and services via search engines and other start-up and search pages through the purchase of keywords and whereby the traffic is forwarded directly to an advertiser. By default, this is permitted unless the program conditions state that this is not permitted or additional conditions and restrictions are included. For example, it may not be permitted to purchase certain keywords or explicit permission must first be obtained from the advertiser in order to be able to engage in (a certain form of) keyword marketing. The program conditions are always leading. Keep an eye on the Daisycon publisher newsletter to see if the conditions change.

If you want to apply for paid promotions on social media, marketplaces, or auction sites, other rules apply. You need to create a separate media with the correct media types for this.


Brandbidding is never allowed!

The use of brand and/or trade name of advertisers in search engines or keyword marketing is NOT allowed (according to art.3.11 general publisher terms and conditions). Publishers should always exclude the brand name as a keyword in the advertising program of the relevant search engine.

Also, overbidding and copying an original advertiser's ad (ad-hijacking) is NOT permitted. In cooperation with advertisers, Daisycon strictly enforces the terms and conditions of publishers that do keyword marketing.


Google CSS partners (PLA)

There is a separate media type for CSS partners. Google CSS partners are subject to the terms and conditions set out under Product Listing Ads, for which additional terms and conditions may be included. The CSS (managed and regular publisher) requests access within Google and approval for the media in the advertiser's campaign. It is possible that an advertiser does not allow certain forms of keyword marketing, but that CSS partners do, or vice versa. In addition, as with other conditions, one can choose to only work with specific publishers after explicit permission. This should always be communicated to Daisycon.


Promoting your own website through search engines

Promoting your own website through search engines is almost always allowed. However, the use of brand and/or trade name of advertisers as well as ad-hijacking is NOT allowed. The program conditions of the advertiser are always leading.

There is an extra point of attention for coupon code and promotional sites. They have to comply with the Code of Conduct for Coupon Codes. This states that the purchase of the brand name in combination with words such as discount code, promotion code or other terms is not permitted. Not even to their own page.