What is a product feed?

A product feed is an export file from the product database of an advertiser. Publishers can include a product feed on their website in order to offer an up-to-date overview of an advertiser's product range. A product feed for example provides information on the availability of certain articles, colours, sizes, etc. A product feed is also called a data feed or an XML feed. As a publisher you have the option to download the feed in CSV, JSON and XML. CSV is the most compact form. XML offers extra options.


Why is a product feed useful?

A product feed gives you direct access to all available product information, such as product descriptions, images and prices, so you can easily search, filter and automatically display it in various ways on your own website.


Where can I find product feeds within the MyDaisycon interface?

For the Daisycon product feeds, go to the 'Material' | 'Product feeds' menu in your account. Click the 'Create new filter' button and follow the steps to create a product feed that meets your requirements. Read more explanation about the implementation here.

Please note that before you, as a publisher, can use a product feed from an advertiser, your respective media must be subscribed and approved for the campaign.