How do I grant someone else access to my account?

If you have account management rights as a publisher at Daisycon, you can give other users access to your account. This is especially useful for business users where multiple users need access to the account.

Assigning rights can be done in the menu "Settings" | "Connected Users". In this menu you can assign new users different roles.

What do the different roles mean?


- Material: in this menu you can retrieve link material, deep links, product feeds and promotional codes. Note: this menu only works if you also have access to the menu: campaigns.
- Campaigns: in this menu you can search and find all campaigns.
- Statistics: here you have access to all statistics.
- Support: here you can create tickets and answer tickets.
- Email approval tool: here you can submit emails for approval by advertisers.

Account management

- Account management: this gives you access to the menu: "Settings" | "Account". You can change account settings such as address and payment details.
- User management: allows you to add/remove users and assign roles.
- Media management: this gives you access to the menu: "Settings" | "Media". In this menu, you can create new media and change existing media.