Where can I manage my media (ID)?

You can find and manage all your media in your account under the menu "Settings" | "Media". Here is the overview of your media. The active media, but also the previously deleted media. We recommend that you always have an up-to-date media description so that an advertiser can see what kind of publisher he/she is working with. Transparency is essential.

How do I add additional websites?

You can add a website (new media) in your account. You can also add other media, such as e-mail marketing or social media, in the same place. It is mandatory to add each form of promotion separately in your account. First of all, advertisers like to see how their product is promoted and by whom. Secondly, it is the only way to get the right affiliate link from the system. In the top right-hand corner of the overview, there is a link "Add new media". If you click on that, you can create the media.


Where do I find my media ID?

Your media ID is the unique ID of your media. As a publisher, you can register multiple media, so you can have multiple media IDs. Normally, you do not need to use your media ID. However, if you want to check that you have used the correct links, or if you are using some widgets, you may need to look up the media ID. The media ID is the number in brackets after the media name.


How do I change or delete my media?

To edit one of your media, click on the respective media in the media overview. You can now edit everything. Don't forget to click save after editing. Are you sure you do not want to use the media for promotions anymore? It is possible to delete your media. Of course, the statistics remain available. After editing your media, it may end up in the approval process again at Daisycon. Existing collaborations with advertisers remain unchanged.