Rules for Toolbars / Extensions / Plugins

Do you have a toolbar or extension? In your publisher account you have to specify this as your media. Choose media type 'Toolbar / Plugin'. Be specific in the description and URL of your media. It has to be clear that your media is a toolbar/plugin or extension.

It is important that the media description makes clear what kind of promotions you are doing and especially how. For the advertiser, it should be clear where his/her product/brand/campaign is being promoted and how. Ultimately, the advertiser decides whether he/she wants to admit you to his/her affiliate campaign.


Please Note
- Choose media type 'Toolbar / Plugin' and be clear about what you do and that you use a toolbar/extension/plugin;
- In general: it has to be clear for the consumer that they use a toolbar/browser extension;
- The consumer has to install the toolbar/extension voluntarily. So it can’t be a combined download as software/malware/etc;
- It must be easy to remove/delete;
- It must be unobtrusive;
- The consumer should consciously and actively click through to the advertiser.