Private or business account: what can I choose?

Private customers and businesses will automatically be credited with the earned amount to their bank account. For the first payout, you will receive a notification when the payout threshold has been reached. You will then have to apply for your first payment. This is only necessary once.

All transactions and payments are excluding VAT. If you use a business account, the VAT will be shifted.

Do I pay tax on the commission?

Tax may be effective on the earnings you receive from Daisycon, e.g. income tax or sales tax (VAT). Check with your local tax office.

Where do I find my invoices?

Invoices are available only for business accounts. If you have a business account, go to "Settings" | "Payments" to view your invoices.

Would you like to view the specifications of an invoice? Click on the menu "Transactions". Click on "more filters" and enter the invoice reference number. We recommend setting the date selection for approximately about one year.

How can I change my account into business or private?

You can change your account to business or private in the menu "Settings" | "Account".