How long will my financial data be stored?

Daisycon has more than one million visitors on the website and this number is still growing. To use our resources efficiently, we need to limit the length of the availability of our statistics. Therefor all statistics except for the financial statistics will be stored for a minimum of three years. Daisycon can't guarantee that the nonfinancial statistics will be available for that long. Information such as payments and invoices will be available. You can export the data through the export function in your account or through the available API

If no credit is achieved for 1 (one) year, the account of the Publisher will be deleted. Daisycon decides on a further extension of the agreement at its own discretion. If the credit has not reached the payment limit within 3 (three) years, the account will also be deleted and the credit will not be paid. The Publisher has the option of submitting a written request for an extension of the agreement up to a month after cancellation.