How is a Daisycon affiliate link structured?

Daisycon offers ready-made link material from its system. You can place these links on your website. Promotional materials like banners are made up of two parts, the landing page link and the image.





What do the different parameters in a link stand for?

SI= stands for Submerchant ID (campaign ID), this stands for the program you want to promote.

WI= stands for Website ID, this stands for the media you will use to promote the program.

LI= stands for Link ID, this stands for the link you are going to promote.

WS= stands for Website Sub ID, this is a parameter that you as a publisher can send on the tracking.

DL= stands for Deeplink. This is the part of the URL that points to a specific page on the advertiser's website. The parameter &dl= may only contain the part of the URL after the domain name.

Where can I get the affiliate link?


Product feed link (inclusion URL)

Once you have compiled a new product feed filter you will get a product feed link (inclusion URL). We recommend working with a data feed management tool to use this URL.


Filter_id= stands for Filter ID. Each unique product feed link, gets a different filter ID.

Settings_id= stands for the settings ID, these are the settings that apply to all your feeds.

Sub_id= stands for the Sub ID, this is a parameter that you, as a publisher, can specify.

Besides creating a configuration to retrieve certain data from our product databases using our interface, you can also create a URL to retrieve data using a query string. You can find the parameters you can use here.

How do I use the Daisycon product feeds?