Campaign suggestions

A score is shown per campaign with a maximum of 100 points. It indicates how well the campaign connects with the anonymous visitor profile from your media. This score is calculated per campaign and compared with each media profile. To give a better outline of the score: it’s divided in 3 main categories:

  • Campaign performance (This is mainly aimed on the financial performance of a campaign. For example: the eCPC and the growth of a campaign.)
  • Campaign management (How well is the campaign managed by the advertiser, which promotion channels and - means are allowed and is there a sufficient supply.)
  • A demographic profile (A top 3 demographic match between the campaign and media.)

If we weren’t able to build a profile of your media because i.e. you just started at Daisycon. Then your media profile is based on the media details you provide with registration.

Based on these suggestions you get a view of what campaigns could be interesting for you. By using the available filters the selection becomes more specific. Please combine these with your own knowledge and experience of advertisers to make the correct choices.

What can I do if I have any further questions?
If you have any other questions, please check our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) first. The questions are sorted by subject so you can find the answer quickly. If your question is not listed then you can submit a ticket and contact us.