Lead planning tool

In order to improve the management of your CPL campaign promotions, we provide you with a lead planning tool that allows you to add a goal in number of leads for a campaign.

At the beginning of the month, we set up a total number of leads per campaign for that month. Having many publishers wishing to promote these CPL campaigns, we set up objectives in number of leads per publisher which makes it possible to optimize the management of the campaigns and thus to avoid for example, that a single publisher fills the total budget of the campaign by himself. This could put you at a disadvantage in promoting this campaign.


When the campaign reaches its total budget, the campaign will be archived automatically and you will receive an automatic email that will alert you to this. Thus, you can remove your promotions links for the relevant campaign.

This can happen even if you have not achieved your goal because the campaign's total budget has been reached.


What is the use of this tool?

  • Have a goal in number of leads to reach per month
  • See clearly at once, how many leads you have to generate
  • Be notified automatically when your budget is reached
  • Be notified automatically when the total budget for the campaign is reached

How to use this tool to optimize your promotions?

Add this tool to your dashboard
At the beginning of the month, you must send the number of leads you would like to achieve to your contact person for that campaign - it must be realistic and consistent with your lead generation capabilities.
As soon as we set up the budget and you have added the tool to your dashboard, you will see a list of your CPL campaigns where budget leads have been added, and the percentage of that budget reached when you look at the tool.

How to add this tool to your dashboard?

  • Go to your account in your dashboard
  • In the top right, click on + add dashboard module
  • Then search for the "Target: campaign target" tool
  • Add it by clicking on "use dashboard module"
  • Rename your tool (for example: CPL planning tool)